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I am a computational linguist with a Ph.D. in computer science (NLIP group) and an M.Phil. in theoretical linguistics from the University of Cambridge. I began my work at The University of Georgia with Bachelor's and Master's degreed in mathematics.

I am the founder and CTO of Hollingsworth Technologies, Inc. and I occasionally teach courses in the Department of Computer Science and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence at The University of Georgia.

As a researcher, I have developed theoretical models of linguistics which I have implemented. I apply these models to the problem of understanding unstructured text.

Contact: bill [at] hollingsworth [dot] mobi

Skimcast Semantics
Skimcast is a computational semantics engine that generates semantic tags from unstructured text automatically without relying on external knowledge sources.
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Grafstate is a programmable tool for visualizing and modeling computational structures such as graphs, automata, and parse trees.
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